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It takes accountability to overcome fear

I just finished watching one of those feel-good videos on Facebook. You know the ones –  somebody does something really incredible while inspirational music plays in the background.

Life should be like that – it should have a soundtrack. Whenever you’re doing the right thing – the hard thing, the scary thing – Rachel Platten’s Fight Song should just start playing all around you.

So we watch these things, feel uplifted…and then what? Having been inspired, do we return to scrolling FB and notice things like people we barely know ranting about their coworkers or posting pics of what they cooked for dinner? Jesus, just shoot me. I need better distractions.

I am reminded of how fortunate I am to keep company with folks who inspire me on a daily basis. My heroes are real people pursuing better lives and helping others do the same. Maybe it’s a lot easier to see yourself as a person who is capable of doing great things when you hang out with people who are doing great things.


I’m looking at the next adventure in my life and it scares the hell out of me. So I’m turning to you to confess that I’m distracting myself with shit that doesn’t matter as a means of avoiding the next thing I get to do.

Notice the get to there. I don’t have to. The Universe puts amazing people and opportunities in my path.  It’s always a mix of really cool possibilities that require moving two steps outside of my current comfort zone.

I don’t seek out things that scare me. I seek things that make me feel alive. What I’ve learned is that the two almost always go hand in hand.

That’s why I need the accountability. Without it I shy away from the fear. Without it I wrestle with self doubt. Without it, it feels like something someone older, wiser, or more talented than me should be doing.

I’ll share more about it in coming weeks. Just for today I’m telling on myself in order to stay focused.

The more I share my fear the less it can limit me. The more I allow myself to be vulnerable, the more I can receive reassurance and support.

This is practicing what I preach: Rigorous honesty with self and accountability for my goals.

Stop watching inspiring videos and go do some cool shit. If you’re scared…good. How you choose to deal with fear determines the lion’s share of what’s possible in your life.

Expose it. Share it. Accept it. Everyone’s afraid. The brave simply admit it. Stay in the company of kindred spirits and let them help you through it.

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