The pros and prose of recovery

Below is one of the loveliest bits of poetry I’ve read in a very long time. As an added bonus it’s about recovery and it’s written by my new friend, Kate Lynn Tripodi

I Remember ❤

I remember the day I met you.. I was young, happy, and carefree; I remember my life was great back then, I think you would agree.

I remember in the years to follow, Our relationship grew strong; I remember the moment in my life when All the good went wrong.

I remember the day my life fell apart, And how I lost all hope; I remember how that was when my New best friend was dope.

I remember I wasn’t being the mom You all knew I could be; I remember how bad I wished I could, But dope wouldn’t let me free.

I remember how bad I made you worry, And lose a lot of sleep; I remember how bad I wanted to stop, But my addiction ran so deep.

I remember you always knew deep down, That I would succeed; I remember feeling way too scared To get the help in need.

I remember your tone of voice, And how frustrated you would be; I remember being so mad at you, But deep down I was mad at me.

I remember the day that I finally found Just enough strength; I remember being ready to give my all, No matter what the length.

I remember for me to do this right, I had to give my all; I remember how many times It felt easier just to fall.

I remember the day I smiled again As I looked into the mirror; I remember how being sober now, Made me think much clearer.

I remember how proud you all were of me, The day the devil let me free…

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