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Three Days Sober: Seeking Gratitude & Grace

The response to my anonymous guest blogger last week was tremendous. The comment section and my email exploded with supportive insights and suggestions. Inspired, my friend is on day three of sobriety and focused on gratitude:

First of all, do not send this to Jim. At least not today. Just think.

Think about all the good in your life. Think about all the things that make you REALLY happy. Everything about my dog, going to dinner with my son, having him tell me really corny jokes, meeting with residents at work and laughing with them….

I love Joel, my Marine at work. He died once and was revived. He drowned. I love people who drown and live through it.

Here’s one think that I really love. I love when people KNOW that they are going to die in a very short time, their bodies are failing, and dang it, they want to spend a little time with ME! That’s remarkable. I love seniors going through life transitions and wanting to share them…..accepting dementia, giving up their driver’s licenses, losing an adult child, beating cancer, asking what to expect with a hip replacement.

I love teeth even though we have to pay a lot for them. I love Japanese maples, and the fact that we can be at the ocean in 15 minutes. One time on TV I heard a woman from the Midwest make a dying wish… be driven to the ocean. She had never seen it. That made me cry like hell.

I love my childhood memories. I love that my Mom took us blueberry picking and made pies and even root beer. I love that we had a 9:30 curfew and all the kids in the neighborhood chose to spend their evening in front of OUR house. I love that I made girlfriends that are still in my life today. I love that even though we were very middle class, we had a boat and we were always in it. I love the time I spent on the water with fisherman and never took my clothes off. I love that my mother never drank in her life.

These are the things that I like to think about. This is the stuff that I need today.

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