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Hi! I’m Jim LaPierre. I’m a mental health therapist and addictions counselor. I run Higher Ground Services, a small outpatient counseling center in Brewer, Maine. Our mission is to serve people who are invested in making huge changes and our goal is to provide the highest quality services . We pride ourselves in being down to earth and effective. We don’t talk about “cognitive behavioral therapies”, we talk about stuff that works.

I have been offering myself and my staff as a resource to folks in greater Bangor for years now. I usually get a cynical smile in return and folks asking how much I charge for that? I’m not charging for consultation or brainstorming. I’m interested in collaborating and finding real solutions to real problems. If you want to create the appearance of change, don’t call me. If you want to do something real and meaningful, get a hold of me.

My staff and I work with people of all ages. We provide dual diagnosis therapy and a host of counseling services.

Jim LaPierre LCSW, CCS Executive Director Director Higher Ground Services 235 Center Street Brewer, Me 04412


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