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Short Term Resolutions

We all know that New Year’s resolutions fade away in a matter of weeks. What if we tailor our goals for 2014 with this in mind? Instead of declaring a change once and for all, let’s try something more manageable. The top ten most common resolutions are:

–          Losing weight

–          Quitting smoking

–          Save more money

–          Improve career

–          Improve education

–          Drink less alcohol

–          Manage stress

–          Travel

–          Eat healthier food

–          Manage stress

These pursuits are all the harder to attain because we tend to seek them alone. This deprives us of both support and accountability, which makes quitting all the more appealing and painless.  Sharing our goals with friends and family who will encourage us and hold us responsible increases our chances of success.

Regardless of the goals we choose, I recommend setting objectives based on no more than 30 days. Our plans need to be specific and measurable. At the end of the month, we can take stock of what we’ve accomplished and modify. If we choose to not continue, we have not failed because our goal was attained.

I have found that any new significant habit takes me 3 months to truly embrace. After this amount of time and repetition, I continue without conscious thought and without resistance. Many of my organizational and health maintenance habits were formed this way. It’s a matter of short term self discipline with the promise of long term reward.

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