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Overcoming Self Abuse

Triggers & Truth

I don’t understand why I am this way. Do you want to know? Yes. No. I don’t know. I think so. Tell me.

No one in your life today abuses you and without that you don’t know how to be so you abuse you. Please consider, who you honor by doing so.

Whoever they are, they’re wrong. The truth about you is beautiful.

The only ugliness within you are the memories and the buried feelings: violation, betrayal, pain.

Your shame does not belong to you. It was not your fault. I will speak this as many times as it takes Please believe me I was lied to too.

Please know that regardless of how your skin feels, you are clean! Even if your body responded It was only doing something natural In the midst of the unspeakable

And yet… we must speak of these things.

We know too well that Bruises fade and bones heal. The hateful words linger I’m GLAD you were born You’re a fucking piece of … Gold Platinum Diamonds .

It is your soul that needs to be purged not your stomach, not your blood. The stories cannot be forgotten We remain torn until we achieve resolution and forgiveness of ourselves.

Forgiving them is optional It wasn’t your fault.

I see you in the full light of day through honest eyes and so I tell you even though I am not the person you always wanted to right the wrongs

Please understand, kindred spirits connect because we need each other no one loves like we do.

You’re one of us. Welcome home. .

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