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Lemme Know if You See Me

I called an old friend this weekend. Everyone should have a friend like him. Casey is the very best kind of people. He’s real. He’s down to earth and passionate. He’s a true social worker because it’s not just ideology for him; it’s doing the next right thing at any cost. There’s no question that the world is a better place for having him.

In my world, he’s someone I totally connect with, even if he’s two thousand miles away. He gets me and when someone gets you it’s just so easy to unload and vent and let go of some of that crap you were trying not to know you were walking around with. He’s one more person my HP put in my path to make the journey a little lighter and a lot more fun.

This weekend my wife grounded me in the best of ways. She reels me in. She’s the balance to my 100 mph life. She listens patiently to the 42 different plans I have to do amazing things with amazing people and of course I’d like to have all of these things in motion by Tuesday.

She’s my sounding board. She gets me and that’s hard to do. I am blessed with acute ADHD. I learned how to control it. I figure if my brain is going to go nonstop from the minute I wake up and go in several directions at once; I might as well give it cool places to go.

I crave connection. I enjoy the company passionate people who are striving to be ever more fully alive. I like knowing people who want more. This is why nearly all of the people I love are in Recovery of some type.

We are the folks who refuse to settle for less of a life than we can have. We are the dreamers and the risk takers. Get us together and there is a kind of energy that is created. Passionate, like minded people in pursuit of Growth, Healing, Learning, and Love. That energy is my drug of choice. I’m hopelessly addicted and I haven’t found a single side effect…except, sometimes…God bless my wife…I get carried away.

She somehow manages to be the breaks of a runaway train. With absolute conviction and certainty she simply says, “We’re not ready. It’s not time for that.” I usually take a minute to consider which one of us is nuts here. It’s always me.

Much has been said and sung about the love of a good woman. It simply cannot be overstated. She keeps me sane, grounded, and she lets me know when it’s time to stop, sleep, rest, or wait. I hate the waiting part. I’m always thinking, “Yeah, but what can we do in the meantime?” She has a number of looks that she gives me and each means a different thing. The look I got this weekend said, “I love you, you ridiculous man. Please just enjoy a rainy day with me.” Got it.

I have two speeds – all out and dead stop. I like the all out one much better. There was a time in my life when I ran from me. There was a time when I ran from my HP. Today I love my life…I’m just a bit of an artist and a lot of a hedonist. Connection is spiritual and I can’t get enough of it. My HP puts amazing people in my path and I get to do something I truly love for a living. Above all…those I choose to call family love me enough to reel me in. They love me enough to reconnect me to me. Life is good.

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