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How to Make Your Life Better

Here’s a crash course in how to be way cooler than you’ve ever been. I’m a late bloomer. I didn’t even realize I was cool until after I turned 30. In my youth, I’d have gladly traded 30 IQ points for the opportunity to be a popular kid in high school. Later on, I learned that being cool is all about attitude and claiming your identity as the person you most want to be.

I don’t know how to talk about my life’s work, the amazing people I love, or the life I have today without sounding arrogant. I get to do a job that I love. I am loved by the best kind of people and to top it all off; I genuinely like myself.

My life’s lessons have taught me to embrace simplicity. When I look at people, places, and things simply, I see them as a child would – with wonder and a sense of opportunity. Combining this with the benefits of age, experience, and wisdom allows me to be child like without being childish (although maturity remains grossly overrated).

Here’s my Simple Recipe for having a cooler life:

Go Cool Places & Try New Things

Friday night I went to Bangor’s newest eatery, Little Vietnam  because it’s new. Offer me a chance to experience something I’ve never had/done before and I’m all over it. I can now say I’ve had Pho and I can tell you it’s a big bowl of deliciousness. For all of the growth greater Bangor has seen; we’re not doing enough to support good ethnic cuisine. Box restaurants largely suck and cool people rarely if ever choose to support corporate America when there are local businesses that not only provide a better product but also stimulate the local economy.

I took time out of my lazy Sunday to attend the Unsanctioned Art Show at Coespace. It blew me away. A group of 40 artists cared enough about a kick ass cause (bringing a skate park to Orono) to donate time and talent to creating unique and amazing pieces.

The best thing about events like the charity art show is that they give vast opportunities to:

Meet & Connect to Cool People

People like Orson Horchel are magnets to whom passionate and creative people are drawn. He’s a fantastic visual artist and carpenter. He’s given Bangor organized and unsanctioned visual delights for years now. To find humility in a man of his exceptional talents is rare. This makes him approachable and that’s what being cool as an adult is really about – connecting to quality people who are:

Doing Cool Things

Hanging out at the art show, I did what I always do – I strike a balance between talking & collaborating with talented folks and being inspired by their kids and taking time to be silly. In addition to being talented and cool people, Felicia & Cliff Richard, Casey Harris, Matt Chabe, and Haley Beem are awesome parents.

I love people who love people and nobody exemplifies this better then Karen Foley. Not only is Karen an amazing writer, she’s a woman with the wisdom to enrich her life with exceptional undertakings and even more exceptional people. I’ve yet to meet anyone connected to her that I didn’t immediately want to be BFF’s with (Best Friends Forever).

Too many of us grew up and forgot how to have fun. A lot of us became or remained wallflowers. We sulk on the periphery of the dance floor desperately wanting an invitation. All that’s needed is a single connection and a willingness to see where it can take you. Get yourself on a mission to find some opportunities. Get off Plenty of Fish (eeewwww) and check out events like Bangor Green Drinks. Read Emily Burnham and find out what’s happening!

Chances are, you’re cooler than you realize. If you’re the kind of person who has the guts to discover (create) their true selves, then I hope we cross paths, you and I.


I urge you to place a bid on the Unsanctioned Art Auction and either make the skateboarder in your life extremely happy or add a helluva conversation piece to your home.  Bringing a skate park to Orono provides a great opportunity for kids to have fun without drugs and alcohol and I can’t possibly do enough to support that.

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