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Dragging Out of Our Annual Outrage for Memorial Day

Ok. I need a reality check. Are we as a society somehow unaware of whether the Veteran’s Administration is grossly failing our vets? Really? F@cking really?

There aren’t decade’s worth of sociological and psychological studies that prove this? (And half a dozen other disciplines)? There aren’t countless documented case studies? There aren’t statistics like 22 completed suicides a day by veterans in our country every day?


See I think that no right minded person could ever ask something as impossibly stupid as, “I wonder if the VA needs to be investigated?

Obviously it doesn’t need to be investigated. In this case that would mean a group of bureaucrats would be examining the effectiveness of a bunch of bureaucrats. If you’re unclear whether the VA is effective…than I have a lot of questions for you – most of which involve your ability to walk and chew gum.

Ok. Stop. I really don’t want to be an asshole gratuitously here. First point – most of us are not angry because they failed (we expect government efforts to fail). We’re mad because they may have lied about failing and we don’t deal well with being lied to by people in power (though we expect that too).

Second point – we keep saying stupid things in our mainstream vernacular. We discuss Obamacare and how government has no place in health care management. Um, wasn’t that responsibility handed to the VA? Isn’t that largely the function of Medicare? Why do we not make these connections?


Why? Why in the world would you? When did it ever? Like it went once from horrendous to just terrible one time before and so we hope it does again?

Give it to the private sector. We can do what needs to be done.

See, you folks who don’t work in health care want to believe that we – the best doctors, specialists, psychiatrists, clinicians, nurses, and others- we are just so overwhelmingly altruistic we can barely stand ourselves. We flock to government jobs! Nothing appeals more to us more than a pension! Careful – I really hope you’re not chewing gum right now. Yes, we do what we do because we care but we like making money to!

I’m struck by the hypocrisy. We don’t expect it to get better. We just find it self serving to pretend that we give a damn every so often.

22 more today – probably more. How about we make some changes?

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