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Bangor’s Best Kept Secrets Offer Opportunities to Enhance Our Communities

As I write this, ten amazing people are doing yard work for my business. They are the extraordinary men and women of Unlimited Solutions and I couldn’t ask for better service or friendlier folks to get to know.

Unlimited Solutions is under Penobscot Community Health Center (PCHC) umbrella of services. According to their website, Unlimited Solutions is a Clubhouse – “a community of people who are working together to achieve a common goal — recovery from mental illness.”

Clubhouse models are not new. We’ve had them across the U.S. for decades. What is so exceptional about this group is the respect and professionalism that shows in everything they do. I will not hesitate to call on them for future projects and I cannot think of a better investment I can make in my community.

Today’s Bangor Daily offers a similar opportunity. Nick St Louis offers a well reasoned and passionate need – as a recovering drug addict with long term recovery, he needs someone to give him a second chance professionally. I find myself wishing that I had a job opening for him.

As a professional and business owner who employs people in recovery I can tell you that NO ONE has better work ethics than people in recovery. No one will work harder to earn your respect. No one will be more dependable and go above and beyond more than we will.

Nick St. Louis and Unlimited opportunities are not only deserving of opportunities, they deserve to be valued as remarkable commodities. This requires a shift in perspective in which we (individually, organizationally, and communally) stop asking, “What do you want from me?” to “How can we all benefit?”

Recovery is more visible than ever and we’re just getting warmed up!

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