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R.I.P. Robin Williams

The world lost a genius today. We may never know whether it was his mental illness or addictions that claimed him. Either way I hate to see those conditions/disease take a life.

The truth is, I’m selfish. I want more movies and more stand up. I am not sad for him or truth to tell, for his family. I am sad for me. Selfish as that sounds, I am too far removed from them to feel anything other than empathy that stems from losing folks I cared about to suicide.

In my clinical opinion, suicide is the option chosen by a person who cannot see an end to their suffering. Death seems like a more desirable option than what is being experienced. In my personal opinion, the choice is the most selfish f@cking thing a person can do (outside of euthanasia).

Those of us who understand addiction, and/or paid close attention to his stand up are not shocked that this happened. Comedy always contains a certain amount of truth. Examine that truth closely and you will find a certain amount of pain. Perhaps Williams had more than most. Perhaps his Bi Polar Disorder was unmedicated or the depression it bestowed was too great.

Instead of resenting his departure I will consider all that he gave us and be grateful. Goodwill Hunting remains his most important work in my eyes. I appreciate the art, even if I resent the artist for leaving when I wanted more.

But hell, that’s what performers do, right? Leave you wanting more.

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