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 Our Governor’s hypocrisy and lack of common sense

Huge kudos to Christopher Cousins for today’s blog that reveals more of our governor’s hypocrisy and ignorance (in the true sense of that word). The most recent WVOM quote from our Governor:

“When it comes to methadone, every expert I’ve talked to says there’s no clinical aspect to it. … It’s no help. It has to be in a program that’s monitored by clinicians.”

To say that it’s “no help” is to say it has never prevented a death, an overdose, or led to abstinence or recovery. That’s objectively and widely, demonstratively untrue. Please direct me to any clinician who would make such an untrue claim. Sadly, many years ago, before I understood the truth about Opiate Replacement Therapy/Treatment, I was one of them. I’ve had the benefit of working with way too many folks who helped me to understand that they’d have died without it.

No one has ever gotten a bad dose of Methadone. Bad doses of heroin occur frequently.

Here’s the simple truth, Governor as created by YOUR ADMINISTRATION: Maine Care provides block funding to methadone clinics at a rate of $60 a week following reductions made in 2012. These amounts do not allow for budgeting any significant clinical efforts.

Please use common sense: If you would like more clinical oversight in Methadone clinics, provide funding that makes that feasible. People who depend on Maine Care to access Methadone clinics are hindered because they are not free to pursue outpatient substance abuse counseling. They may be free to pursue mental health treatment, but not further direct support for addiction recovery.

How shall we fault folks for not overcoming the systemic obstacles we place in their path?

Governor, you seek to increase accountability from providers while showing an absence of integrity. You say, “If it’s the federal government, forget it. It won’t get approved.”

How is your administration any more flexible or receptive?

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